It Came from the Desert - Amiga

It Came from the Desert is a action-adventure game published by Cinemaware in 1989. Screenplay for the game written by Kenneth Melville, programmed by Randy Platt and produced by Pat Cook. The video game was originally released for Amiga and late ported to MS DOS.

You are a geologist who comes to the small town of Lizard's Breath, somewhere in rural America. It's the town in which boredom is the only safe thing. You arrived to investigate the recent meteor crash (meteor named Stohlheinz A221357) which will bring you more adventure than you ever expected.

Site of a meteor crash is somewhere in the desert south-west of the Lizard's Breath. As a result of the meteor radioactivity, the locals noticed that huge ants appear. A geologist is involved in making a plan to stop these ants which are terrorizing the small city. During the game you visit various locations in the city like a mine, a pub, a farm, a radio station to collect the evidence ants leave behind.

P. Penski

Video file by: World of Longplays

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