Wizard's Warriors - ZX Spectrum

Wizard Warrior's is a action video game written for ZX Spectrum and published by Abersoft in 1983.

Your task is to invade the territory of the wicked Wizard of Cinslair and fight with his solders. You will enter his kingdom at the first labirint which called crypt. The labirinth in the first level have plenty of hiding places. In later stages bigger and more tricky areas await which named the Coliseum and the Abyss! There are three type of warrior in the crypts. The blue type that is always visible, and the yellow and white types that are mostly immaterial.

In the first crypt only one each of the immaterial warriors appears, but by the sixth crypt there are six of each. No more than six at a time. The enemies are always visible on the radar at the bottom of the screen. After you have killed the all enemies, the magic eagle appears. If you can kill him there are double point in the next crypt. Sometimes after the eagle has been killed the Wizard himself appears teleporting frantically round the Crypt hurling Magic Bolts a you. Your only weapon besides your wits and agility is your laser rifle. You need some accuracy with the rifle at all times.

During the game, sound effects contribute to a special charge. Sprites run smoothly. The game takes the player's attention quickly, it's very addictive and keeps you screened for hours.

Points in the game:

100 points Blue Warrior

200 points Yellow Warrior

500 points White Warrior

1000 points Magic Eagle

2000 points The wizard

Controls in the game:

AGF joystick

Kempston joystick

Keyboard: Caps Shift or Z - left ... X or C - right ... B to Space - down ... H to Enter - up ... Y to P - fire

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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