Sabotage - ZX81

Sabotage was written by British programmer Don Priestley. In the period from 1982 to 1989, he wrote several excellent video games for ZX 81 and ZX Spectrum. His games were released by the famous Bug Byte and DK'Tronics, but even less well-known software company such as Macronics.

The video game is original and fun. The story is located in a ammunition stockpile. At first, you choose the role of a saboteur or a guard (the saboteur is depicted with the letter S, guardian by the sign *).You have a ten explosive charges depicted by the letter E. Explosion will cause blast of others boxes (represented by letter X in the black background) if they are nearby. Before placing explosives, you must move away so that you do not get killed. Also, blast from boxes will kill you if it is found near the explosion.

For each box you destroyed, you get 10 points while you get 800 points for the destroyed opponent. If you find yourself in the same line with the opponent, he will shoot you with laser beam.

P. Penski

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