Munchy - ZX81

Munchy is a Pac-Man clone for ZX81 published in 1983. by Quicksilva ltd. Quicksilva was a British games software publisher active during the 1980's. This software company was famous for various excelent video games for 8-bit home computers that time, like Bugagoo, Fred, Ant Attack, Zombie, Zombie etc. Quicksilva published their last game in 1989. Mostly video games was written for ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Vic-20 and other computers in 1980's.

Typically for ZX81 video games, Munchy has raw graphics but still represents a good game for this computer. At the start, you can choose how many ghosts chase you in the labyrinth 1, 2, 3 or 4. Labyrinth is a standard pac-man type of labyrinth with dots you can eat, pills (+) which help you to kill ghosts and a tunnel for escaping from one to another side of the screen. The player is represented by letter O and ghosts by letter A. Items you can eat are represented by the sign $. Top left side of the screen shows your score in the game, on the right side is the highest score you earned.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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