Master Of Magic - Commodore 64

The Master of Magic is a role-playing video game programmed by Richard Darling, art by James Wilson and music by Rob Hubbard published for Commodore 64 by Mastertronic in 1985.

At the start of the game, player gets short information that he controls an unnamed hero who must get into a strange world which is controlled by Thelric the Master of Magic. Thelric desperately tries to find the amulet of immortality. So he recruits a hero to find the amulet and bring it to him. If the hero doesn't find the amulet which will be placed on the pedestal at pool, the hero will never return back to his home. After that you can start your phenomenal adventure video game which is adorned with a great atmosphere and even better music background.

The screen is divided into three parts. Left part is a map which in real time shows a hero and enemies which fight against him. Right part of the screen textually describes all acts. Bottom part is a graphical presentation what happens.

The Hero can provide some action through the adventure. He can run, attack, pick up objects, examine objects, use a magic missile or a magic shield, use a fireball or use a energy drain...

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