Liberator - ZX Spectrum

Liberator is an shoot-em-up video game for ZX Spectrum written by Phil Lloyd and published by Lyversoft in 1983.

Like most games from the early '80s, Liberator relies on space video games. Earth is threatened by alien attacks and you are someone who will defending our planet.

The video game takes place on the main screen showing the target in front of you . Moving is pretty rough. When you fired is impossible to move around on the screen.

Technically the game does not abound in any significant background sound except when you are hit by an enemy spaceship or when you destroy it. The game is fairly simple but monotonous and will get quickly bored to you.

As a particularly bad aspect of the game, we cite a weird combination of keys used to move the target of your spaceship: W - up, X - down, A - left, D - right, S - shoot.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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