ICON - The Quest for the Ring - MS DOS

ICON - The quest for the ring is one of the earliest action based RPGs written by Neal White III and Rand E. Bohrer. Game was published in 1984. by Macrocom Inc. In the 1987. Macrocom published the sequel - The seven spirits of Ra. Like ICON and The seven spirits of Ra was faintly noticed.

The game is based on the popular story in German (old Norse) mythology in which, according to the legend of the ring, "on an island in the midst of the Rhine, live a band of river spirits known as the Rhinemaidens. They have in their possession a golden ring of great magical powers. Whoever can gain control of the ring, will be able to dominate the world. But only a being who is willing to give up love can seize the ring from the Rhinemaidens. Now, there are rumors that Alberich, one of the Niebelungs, a race of miner dwarves who live underground, is prepared to make this unnatural sacrifice in order to enslave the Niebelungs." And now, you start your adventure here.

At the start, our hero hasn't any kind of weapon. While roam through cave you first find the sword which you take by pressing P key. Other kind of weapon is a magical tool represent by red stick. If you press W key opens window which show different kind of weapon: A) sword, B) magical stick... press A key to select sword, B key for magical stick etc. Also, at this window you can see current score, vitality and level. Usually sword can used by press SPACE key together with arrow keys to fight against enemies. If you select magical stick then you must turn toward enemy and press SPACE key to drop stick and kill him.

The enemies in the game is usual, like mice, bats, snakes, alligators... The most dangerous are Kobold and alligators in the river. Kobold is especially strong, fast and fury and you can't kill him with sword. Without equipment you can't across the river. For each enemies you killed you get 1 point.

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