Graf Spee - ZX81

Admiral Graf Spee was a Nazi Germany battleship which served mostly in South Atlantic between 1936-1939. The ship is named after the admiral Maximilian von Spee who was commander of the East Asia Squadron in World War I. After the battle of the River Plate in december 1939. commander Langsdorff decided to sail into the Montevideo and repairs the ship. Due to the blockade of the port by the Allied ships commander Langsdorff decided to scuttle the ship.

Graf Spee, written by S. R. Mansfield and published by Temptation Software in 1982, is strategy video game which puts you in command of battleship. The ship is armed with six 11-inch guns and two torpedo tubes. As commander you must sink allied ships as many as possible. The display will show a map of the South Atlantic Ocean. On the map you can see two flashing pixel. The first, a temporary flashing pixel will show the approximate position of an allied ship and the second, the main flashing pixel shows Graf Spee position. To destroy the target you must get within visual range and then press fire.

Also, display shown speed in knots, fuel in tons, direction of movement (north, south, east, west), number of shells and torpedos, position and target range. Plot curse using the keys 1 to 8: 1-NORTH/WEST, 2-NORTH, 3-NORTH/EAST, 4-EAST, 5-SOUTH/EAST, 6-SOUTH, 7-SOUTH/WEST, 8-WEST. The Key S use for search the environment an M to scuttle the ship. Occasionally you will get notice thay you have contacted your supply ship the Altmark who supplies you with fuel and repairs the ship.

So, good luck in fulfill the mission commander!

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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