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Cursed, dark corridors, mummies, spooky ghosts, poisonous damp are real challenge for Fred, an archaeologist and pyramides researcher. Trapped inside the haunted walls crowded of tombs, he roams among the corridors trying to find a way out and solved the Egyptian mystery. The video game was released by the Spanish publishing house Investronica S.A. 1984. and present the work of a programming team comprised of Carlos Granados Martinez, Francisco Menendez Gonzalez, Fernando Rada Briega and Juan Delcan. Later, due to popularity, the game was also published by the Spanish publisher Microbyte and the British Quicksilva.

Like in many other similar video games everything is here: a lot of enemies, excellent atmosphere and graphics and dramatic plot. At the start you can choose between 4 options: to use joystick or keyboard, redefine keys in the game and start adventure. The screen are divided in two asymetric parts. The bigger one, shows the pyramid stones and corridors in which the action takes place and the smaller one, with informations about score, power, map, level, depth and number of bullets. According to low music ability of ZX Spectrum, music theme is not present, just sounds that simulate moving on the rope, jumping etc.

So, Fred is moving through pyramid trying to avoid ghosts, mumies, bats, chameleons, bugs, skeletons and other enemies. Some of the enemies, Fred can killed or scared them by gunshot or jumped and avoid them by changing side on the rope. Especially dangerous are ghosts that can passes through the walls. As well as the toxic fluid that drops from the ceiling. The goal is to move to the top of pyramid and find exit. While he walking through the corridors, Fred can find an items that bring him points, bullets or a map which will make it easier to find the right path through the maze.

Sprites are big and nicely, but screen scrolling while Fred moving is a little bit uncomfortable for the eye. However, in general, we must say that video game is excellent and very addictive. Many of players still gladly play this video game which was ported to CPC Amstrad (named, Roland on the Ropes) and Commodore 64.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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