Damper - ZX81

Another one in a series of computer games clones that were very popular in the 80's is a Damper - a video game for the ZX81 by author M. P. Crane in the release of the software house Quicksilva.

This is a popular game where you cross the maze of broken lines to fill the surface of the squares by getting points for each squares that you framed and filled in gray. Filling the squares, the player attacks aliens who follow him. A similar video game exists for the ZX Spectrum under the name Potty Painter and came out in 1983.

At the start of the game, at the top of the screen, five aliens appear and follow you all time trying to stop the mission. You have three lives during which you have to successfully complete the game. During the movement, the score rising non-stop. After you finished the framed square you get a extra points. As with most ZX81 games, moving of your charachter is difficult and imprecise.

Keys in the game:

6 - Left

7 - Right

8 - Up

9 - Down

0 - Go

S - Suspend

N/L - Restart

At any time, you can interrupt the game by pressing the BREAK button and then typing GOTO 290 to save the High Scores.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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