Creepy Cave - BBC Micro

Creepy Cave is an arcade platform video game for BBC computer, developed by Rob Dulstone and published by Atlantis in 1987.

Creepy Cave is a classic platform video game that takes place in an inaccessible setting of underground caves. At each level, you must finish 20 caves by jumping from platform to platform, collecting objects in the shape of a cross. For each cross, you get 1000 bonus points which you take in overall score if you successfully finish a level. The game is even more difficult because you are limited by an amount of air you spend.

After you successfully complete each level the remaining amount of air is put in the total score. At every level there are a lot of enemies. Some enemies are like birds, others like volcanic rocks which are falling from the ceiling, or hot thermal pools that also take your life away. The main enemy is like a spirit creature that has a key to take you to a higher level of the game.

Keyboard controls: left - a,< ... right - w,> ... jump - shift

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