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Chuckie Egg is a platform video game written by 17 years old Nigel Alderton and published by A & F Software in 1983. The company was started by Doug Anderson and Mike Fitzgerald in 1982. In 1986 A & F merged with the MC Lothlorien and become Icon Design. Initially, Chuckie Egg was written for the ZX Spectrum 48K. Simultaneously, Doug Anderson, as a BBC Micro programmer, took on the development of the BBC 32K release. As soon as Chuckie Egg became popular was ported to Dragon 32/64, Commodore 64, Acorn Electron, MSX, Tatung Einstein, Amstrad CPC and Atari 8-bit family (Look at:

At the start you can choose to redefined keys, read instructions or simple press S and start the game. In instructions section, you will find out that objective is to collect all eggs from the hen-house which are scattered around courtyard. Also, you will find that three type of keys combination exist. Some of them are preset and can't be changed. After that you can get to work.

As we said objective is to collect all eggs and avoid ducklings which try to keep their eggs. Each level is time limited and your bonus will melt until you pick up all the eggs. There are five lives, and an extra life is awarded every 10000 points.

There are eight levels in the game. Completing the eighth level will bring back the first level with the ducklings replaced by the freed mother duck. Reaching level 17 causes the ducklings to return, level 25 increases the number of ducklings, and level 33 increases the speed of the ducklings. Further progression simply repeats the stages 33-40.
(Look at:

So, good luck, Hen-House Harry!

P. Penski

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