Cavelon - ZX Spectrum

Cavelon is arcade video game written by C. F. Urquhart (front screen by D. Thorpe) and published by Ocean in 1984. for ZX Spectrum.

A classic arcade game in which the goal is to collect all seven parts of the door scattered by the maze on each of the six floors. The maze in which you move is scrolling to the right and is full of enemies that shoot at you. You are using powerful weapons, excalibur sword that produces zaps effect, and all enemies temporarily disappear from the screen which flashing constantly and during this time you can freely collect parts of the door or other items that bring you bonus points.

When you finished all six levels then you can fight with the wizard.

For each kill of violet and red enemy you get 100 points. For each object you collected in game you get 1000 points and for each part of door you collect you get 800 points.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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