Castle Wolfenstein - Apple II

Castle Wolfenstein is an action-adventure shooter video game written by Silas Warner and published by MUSE Software in 1981 for Apple II. Later, Castle Wolfenstein was ported to MS-DOS, the Atari 8-bit and the Commodore 64. The next edition was Beyond Castle Wolfenstein published by MUSE Software in 1984.

The game is located in World War II in a german castle in which you try to find secret plan which will help you to get the higher rank. Everytime you find that secret plan your military rank get higher and higher and game become more difficult. You start as a corporal and the highest rank you can get is field marshal.

So, at the beginning author writes:

"...Welcome to castle wolfenstein, mate! The nazis brought you here to get information out of you before they kill you. That's what this place is for - if you listen you can hear the screams. They've already worked me over and i'll never get out alive, but maybe you can with this gun. I got it off a dead guard before they caught me. It's standard issue - each clip holds 10 bullets, and it's fully loaded..."

Characters are large, but graphically rough. They move rough too. The rooms are simple with little details, but that is a real charm. Sound effects are appropriate for the time when game is written, with synthesis of voice effects. But, while the game is very graphically simple it is still the beginning of the well-known franchise, which will set many standards in the years after his debut.

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