Bomb Jack - ZX Spectrum

Bomb Jack is an arcade video game designed by Michitaka Tsuruta and Kazutoshi and first published in 1984. by Tehkan. Very soon after publishing, Bomb Jack experienced great popularity and ported to Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and other computers. ZX Spectrum version of game published by Elite Systems in 1986.

The main character of game is Jack who begins to collect black bombs. After he takes the first bomb, the next bomb which he should take in a row has a flame. If Jack collects all the bombs that have flames, he will gain extra bonus points. Occasionally,from the upper part of the screen tokens will appear with letters "B", "E" and "P". If you take "B" then you get bonus score, for "E" you can get extra life and for "P" brings to player frozen enemies.

The main enemies in the game is a bird, mummies, flying saucers etc, which constantly follow you and try to interrupt your activities.

The game is extremely fun even without music in the background, just with some sound effects when Jack jumps. Main keys are: M - right, N - left, X - jump.

P. Penski

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