Aquarius - ZX Spectrum

Aquarius is a ZX Spectrum video game written by Keith Owens and published in 1983. by Bug-Byte Software from UK.

The action of the game is located under the sea, where you are a part of a special team, equipped with bottles of oxygen and armed with a harpoon. The aim is to find the special hidden explosive machines which your enemies set up. These equipments are located under the sea in secret caverns which you must find and destroy them. Against you are a lot of enemies such as sharks, jellyfish, poisonous squirts, strangleweed and mines which were set up by the enemies but, when you find the secret location where the murder machine is you must destroy the electric barrier by shooting the colour coded panel in specific order which is given to you at the start of mission.

During the mission you must catch the oxygen to stay under the sea as long as you can. Oxygen is laying on the bottom but you must avoid plants which can kill you. The most dangerous threats come from the sharks which are sneaking to you from the back.

At the top of the screen you can see your current score and high score also. At the bottom of the screen you can see a two figurines which represent your life and the red ribbon represents oxygen.

The keys for control are:

Q - up

A - down

N - backward

M - forward

SS - fire

P. Penski

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