Apventure to Atlantis - Apple II

The advertising in play magazines in mid-1982, pretentiously described Apventure to Atlantis as "... The next generation of computer games is here ... From the makers of the first animated adventure games." Apventure to Atlantis designed by Robert C. Clardy and published by Synergistic Software in 1982. is a continuation of the Odyssey Apventure. Over the Atlantic, a black cloud of destruction broke out. Wizards gather their strengths to destroy the kingdom. The final battle will bring about the enslavement of the world or the total destruction of Atlantis.

The introductory animation depicts a huge volcano from which spout the smoke and lava. The palace is lying down under the volcano. Occasionally, from the palace a military units get out to fight against a enemy. The enemy come in by the huge bird which drop them down. You are the representative of the kingdom of Sargala and you are in your palace on the island of Lapour. The kingdom is in great danger, and only you can save it.

Below, the random number generator determines your attributes: wisdom, intelligence, strength, charisma, reaction time, alignment and handicap.

A video game is an RPG with elements of a textual adventure where the dictionary you use is limited to a certain number of predefined words. In the palace on the table there are certain items that you can take: TAKE ORB, TAKE NOTE, TAKE BOOK. Each letter you press prints a predefined word you can use: T-TAKE, R-READ, S-SUMMON, E-EXIT ... While you are in the palace, you can engage a certain number of combat units using the SUMMON MEN command. With these units you will fight against an enemy.

P. Penski

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