April 7th - ZX Spectrum

April 7th is text advenutre game written by Geoff Lynas and published by Zenobi Software in 1991. Zenobi is a video game company that is known for its interactive fiction. The company was started by John Wilson in late 1986 (Source: Wikipedia/Zenobi). Between 1986 and 1997 Zenobi published 254 video games for ZX Spectrum and Atari ST computers (Look at: IfWiki/Zenobi Software).

April 7th is about the theme of the war apocalypse of humanity. As a developer working for the Northern District Civil Police, you were given a special room at the Municipal Shelter. Closing into your room you drank a bottle of tranquilisers. Many years after you were woke up and figure out that war is finished and your aim are to get out from this complex.

Initially, the program informs you that the video game was written with the help of Gilsoft's "The Quill". Also, the program introduces you to the options you can use and how to enter text properly into the parser.

At the start, you must open cabinet and get red security pass. To open the door show red security pass. Then type, go through door, because no other combination of words will get you out from room. In the SCIENCE OFFICER'S QUARTERS, get Geiger counter. This device is always on and shows that current radiation levels are normal. If there is high radiation levels it will emit a sound warning. In the COMMANDER'S ROOM examine safe which holds a map. This map cover a ten kilometre radius of the shelter and is very useful. Red security pass, you can use again to open sealed door in TECHNICAL SECTION CORRIDOR and of course, again you must type, go through door to enter into another room. You will find fresh vegetables in HYDROPONICS FIELDS, a power cell in the BIO-ELECTRONICS LABORATORY etc. In the CHIEF PROGRAMMER'S OFFICE, you can read noticeboard which hangs from the west wall. On the noticeboard is message from Rachel.

The game have a lot of rooms which are spread in 4 levels. Each room mainly have the name but we suggest to write all room names on the paper to avoid confusion and wandering through maze.

We wish you to get lucky with April 7th.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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