Ant Colony - TI-99/4A

Now, we have rare opportunity to present one of the never released video game for TI-99/4A named Ant Colony. Video game was developed by Funware team in 1983.

Well, since the Ant Colony was never released, we must say that game is full of lacks. So you don't know which keys to use and what is the object of the game. There are no instructions. But, this is not obstacle to enjoy in the game.

At the start you find yourself at the underground maze which is full of ant caseworms. Your task is to exterminate them before they became adult ants. You can see timer at the places where ants will appear. This timer warn you that ant will soon appear and start to chase you. Your weapon in some kind of canister on your back with poison which exterminate ants. Bad news is that canister can carry off only 20 poison dose and when is empty you can fill it up if you go to the top of the screen. As time goes on more and more a more and more ants will chase you.

However, the lacks which we mentions at the start can't affect to matter of fact that Ant Colony is very addictive.

P. Penski | 9. 5. 2019.

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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