Alien Insects - ZX Spectrum

Alien Insects is a shoot-em-up video game written by Nigel Stuart and published by Macronics Systems Ltd in 1983. The action of the game is set in the year 2002 when traveling to deep space has become a common thing for humanity. The player's task is to conquer the space held by space insects. In addition to the space suit and jet pack, the player also has a laser automatic rifle with which he kills the space insects. The player can only kill space insects with a laser rifle if he hits them directly in the head, because the armor these insects have can't be penetrated by laser weapons.

The game takes place on one screen. The bottom part shows the current score, the best score and the number of remaining player lives. For each killed insects you get 22 points. The keys you control during the game are Q - up, A - down. O - left, P - right and bottom row shooting.

Typical of video games from the early 80's and Alien Insects abounds in sound effects along with effects of color flashing of letters and sprites. Have a good fun.

P. Penski

Video file by: RetroGameTV

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