Airwolf - BBC Micro

Airwolf is an action video game based on the TV series with the same name ran from 1984 to 1987. For BBC Micro Airwolf program and graphics produced by Andrew G. Williams and published by Elite in 1984. Later, Airwolf as a horizontally scrolling shooter video game is developed by Kyugo Beam Software and published by Kyugo Acclaim in 1987.

Through missions you must rescue abducted scientists who are in an enemy base. You fly in a helicopter named Airwolf through caverns by destroying enemy infrastructure and rescuing scientists. The game is relative tough because Airwolf is too massive machine for those caverns in which you must detect buttons to shoot them and open the corridor.

Airwolf has weapons and missiles from gunfire to successfully destroy enemies and save scientists.

Airwolf requires quick and logical thinking while navigating through caverns in order to save scientists and successfully complete the mission.

Control keys are: Left/Right Z/X ... Up/Down */? ... Fire SPACE BAR ... Nudge A/S ... Scroll CURSOR KEYS

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