1942 - MSX

1942 is a arcade scrolling shooter video game developed by Capcom for the arcade in 1984. In the 1985 and 1986, the game was ported to other 8-bit home computers.

It is one of the cult shooting video games in which the most basic rule applies: "Fly and shoot to everything you see". Also, in 70's and early 80's, while these type of games were played exclusively on arcade machines in specialized parks, these games were usually played by two players, one was operated by a plane and the other was simply pressing a fire button non-stop.

1942 is located in the Pacific at the time of World War II. The aim of the game is to maneuver as a pilot of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and come to Tokyo and destroy japanese enemy air units. Your two-engine motor airplane is equipped with a double cannon and after you taking the token with the sign "Pow" you get a four cannon which will let you to easy destroy enemy airplanes. Also you may collect and others power-ups tokens, and one of them allowing the plane to be escorted by two other smaller fighters in a tip tow formation. Enemy fighter airplanes are white, green and red colors, while the bombers are green and you must several times to hit them to destroy.

The video game has a total of 32 levels and each level finishes with the landing of your airplane on the deck of the allied ships and starting a new mission from its deck. At the end of each level, you get statistics about the total destroyed enemy airplanes and bonus points that you have won. The sound effects are excellent as well as the tension atmosphere that follows you throughout the game.

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